Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is

    WealthLift is the investment education resource for everyone. We combine easy, clear investment education with an active community of investors who help each other invest more intelligently. In doing this, members can learn the basics of investing, ask any questions they might have and have a place to discuss stocks, build investing skills and continue to grow their investment philosophy. Investing should not happen in isolation, and for this reason we give investors a place where they can follow each other's recommendations, comments and questions about companies and macro-economics so that everyone can get a more holistic picture about a given investment opportunity.

  • How do you offer your educational resources for free?

    The U.S. stock brokerage industry is highly competitive, and stock brokerages constantly compete for informed, confident investors. We provide a high quality investment education so that people understand both the rewards and risk of stock investing, teach the fundamentals required to make informed decisions about their investments. We negotiate with stock brokerages to bring special sign up offers for our users, such as free brokerage, lower trade commissions and free starting capital. At the same time, we receive a referral fee from stock brokerages for bringing long-term investors to their trading platforms. This allows us to continue providing quality educational resources and special deals for our users without ever charging any subscriptions or fees.

  • How do I earn special brokerage offers to start investing?

    In order to earn special brokerage offers and kick-start your investing career, you must learn the fundamentals of investing by going through our 5 Beginning Stock Investing lessons. Once you have done this, you can ask any questions you might have to the community, gain experience picking stocks with our Stock Picks system and then take and pass our Investors Quiz. The Investors Quiz contains 20 Multiple Choice questions covering the content in the Beginning Stock Investing lessons. After passing the quiz and demonstrating your knowledge of stock investing, you will gain access to special brokerage offers (up top $100 free starting capital) to begin investing with a stock brokerage.

  • How does the Investment Rating work?

    The WealthLift Investment ScoreĀ© is an objective measure used to recognize the investment ability of members. When a member makes a pick as to whether a stock will overperform or underperform the rest of the stock market, we keep track of the stock's performance and score the investor according to his performance. The score is calculated as the difference between the change in the stock price of the picked stock compared to the change in the S&P 500 index of the 500 largest listed U.S. companies. The performance of all the stock picks of a member is aggregated to give the member's Investment Score. The Investment Score provides a quick and simple look at the overall performance of all the stock picks of a member and therefore their ability to analyze and predict stock market movements.

  • How do I reach a higher Status on WealthLift?

    A member's status on WealthLift is a measure of the success of previous stock picks and therefore the reputation of that member in the WealthLift investor community:

    Greenhorn: An Investment Score of up to 100 points.
    Rising Star: An Investment score between 100 and 120 points.
    New Money: An Investment score between 120 and 150 points.
    Stock Guru: An Investment score between 150 and 200 points.
    MarketMaker: An Investment score between 200 and 500 points.
    Oracle: An Investment score above 500 points.

    Everyone begins as a Greenhorn. Every time you make a stock pick, we monitor your prediction and give you points based on the accuracy of the pick when compared against the overall market. Over time, a member will demonstrate their investing acumen through their picks, determining their status. Your status is a quick way for other members to see how successful you have been in predicting the market and therefore how much emphasis to put on your comments and advice. We therefore use this measure to maintain a certain quality of advice and discussion for our members.

  • What does it mean to Follow a Stock or Investor?

    It's always good to be on the lookout for new investment ideas and to keep yourself up-to-date. By looking at the past stock picks and WealthLift Investment Score of other members, you can find others who have consistently done better than other investors. If you would look to 'Follow' these investors, so that all their actions and stock picks show up on your Portfolio Wall page, just go to the user's profile and click the Follow button next to their name. Similarly, if there's a company you're interested in, simply click the Follow button next to the company name on the company's Stock Research page to have all the discussion around the stock show up in your Recent Activities. In this way, you have up-to-date and active information regarding the stocks and investors you're interested in. Look up a stock on the Stock Research page or look up a member's profile on the Investor Community page to try out the 'Follow' feature.