Who We Are
We are everything Wall Street isn't. Open, Collaborative and Free.
Our Mission
When we began developing WealthLift.com, we were faced with a problem – how do you bring something as crucial as investment education to as many people as possible without leaving them feeling intimidated or unprepared? We therefore created an educational resource that was both interactive and assumed no prior knowledge of investing or financial concepts, so that people could jump in at any point and begin learning.
We are strong believers in the idea that there are many different ways in which people can approach learning. We therefore offer an interactive article and educational video for each and every lesson we create, leaving it up to our users to choose how they would like to learn.
To emphasize continuous learning, we have built an interactive platform for our users to discuss stocks, find answers to their questions and build an active presence in a community of people who are motivated to constantly learn and improve their investing skills. As part of this, we created the WealthLift Investment Score™, an indicator which measures the performance of stock tips given by users, and allows users to tell good advice from bad while encouraging users to constantly build their investment education in a safe, risk-free setting.
Our Story
Before creating WealthLift.com, we watched our close friends and family struggle financially as their savings accounts lost out to inflation, or as their retirement accounts didn’t perform anywhere close to their expectations after banks and investment fund managers took their cut of high fees and commissions.  We therefore began creating WealthLift.com, where people can learn to take control of their investments with clear, comprehensive educational lessons on investing. There are no catches or costs – just a simple way to go through interactive, high quality educational lessons while being able to ask questions to a community of motivated investors. At the same time, we also negotiate on behalf of our members with stock brokerages to bring special offers such as free starting capital, free brokerage and lower costs exclusively to members of the WealthLift investor community. All our educational resources assume no prior knowledge and are constantly being improved to make it easier for people to learn about investing and how to direct their own financial success.
Our Location
WealthLift, Inc. is based in Berlin, Germany, one of the most innovative hubs of Europe. From our headquarters as well as our U.S offices, we work to bring motivated educators and bold entrepreneurs together to provide free, high quality investment education to people worldwide.
To develop our education, we work with researchers and professors at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as people at investment firms as diverse as Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.
Our U.S headquarters are currently located in the vibrant city of Durham, NC where we are working to bring quality, no-assumptions investment education to countries all over America and Asia.
US Offices
WealthLift Inc.
205 Alexander Ave.
Durham, NC, 27705
European Offices
WealthLift Inc.
Saarbruckerstrasse 36
Berlin, 10405