iPhone Apps for Investors

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Intelligent Investors

The advent of the iPhone has revolutionized mobile technology, and along with it, our lives. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of the iPhone’s power to improve your investing success by downloading these useful apps:

1. Bloomberg. Bloomberg’s app gives more than just fresh and relevant news. Bloomberg iPhone AppYou can also use it to browse quotes and graphs of stocks, indices, commodities, forex, futures, etc. If you are a serious investor and you need to be up-to-date on what’s happening in the markets, this app will definitely do a great job.

2. Stock Alerts. This is a really cool app for keeping track of the stocks in your interest list. This app alerts you whenever a stock reaches a certain price that you have set- through the convenience of your iPhone. You can use this app to alert you whenever a stock’s price reaches your buy or sell price, without getting yourself glued to a stock or portfolio monitor all the time.

3. Pimco. Pimco is one of the biggest providers of mutual funds and other portfolio management and asset allocation solutions for millions. They really know what they are doing and now you can stay connected to their investment expertise with their iPhone and iPad app. Get instant access to their market intelligence, economic perspectives and current news.

4. Stock Market Dividends Calendar. This Ggeat dividend tool app helps you easily check the dividend release dates and history of stocks in US markets with interactive calendar. It also offers real-time quotes, view dividend history and in-depth stock research, you can create multiple watch-lists showing available dividend amounts and yields, set reminders and much more.

5. Stockfuse – Virtual Stock Market Game. With Stockfuse you can trade virtual stocks in a highly realistic stock trading game platform. That way you can test your trading strategies without risking your capital. You can also follow other traders to see what they are doing and then compete with them. If you are considering starting trading, it’s really good idea to first start with virtual money.

6. Financial Calculator. This is a neat app for performing complex financial calculations. It can handle bond valuations, cash flow analysis, net present value, amortizations, and even interest computations. If you want to estimate a company’s value, just plug in the data that is needed and you get your estimates almost instantaneously.

7. Yahoo Finance. If your focus is on US investing, the yahoo finance app might be a better choice because it’s more focused on the US markets. Yahoo Finance iPhone AppIt’s got tons of features like news, stock screeners, quotes, charts, company financial statements, analyst ratings, etc. Although this app is comprehensive, researching for specific data may be a bit more tedious than using a specific app for specific data (i.e., analyst ratings tracker for analyst
ratings, etc.)

8. StockTwits. Use this app to gauge what other investors (individual and professional) think about the stock that you’re following. It combs the twittersphere for tweets relevant to the stock that you want to look for. This app lets you chat with other investors, get custom financial news, and even look up charts and relevant videos.

9. Risk Manager – Stocks. This app helps out in quickly computing the number of shares that you need to buy or sell to be able to manage the risks that you are taking on. For example, you may want to limit your potential loss with a certain stock to only 2% of your portfolio size. In addition to that, you may want to get out of a stock if it goes down by 10% from your purchase price. Use the risk manager app to quickly and easily compute the number of shares to buy using these criteria and avoid unnecessary overexposure to a certain stock.

10. Economy. This app from Cascade Software provides data from major economic sources like the Federal Reserve, Department of Treasury, etc. to keep you updated on the economy’s pulse and direction. Economy iPhone AppAs we all know, most companies perform better when backed by a good economy, this is why investors who can “read” the economy have better chances of success. Go get this app and improve your “feel” for the economy fast  and easy.

Keep up with the fast-paced markets with these powerful apps. They can really help you make accurate investment decisions faster and easier. Good luck and happy investing!

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